Nurse Coaching

In their groundbreaking 2013 book, the American Nurses Association published  The Art and Science of Nurse Coaching: The Provider’s Guide to Coaching Scope and Competencies.  This book officially recognized and delineated the role of Nurse Coach. Through this book, ANA stated that nurse coaching is a role that can be used in every area of nursing practice including  traditional healthcare settings and the multitude of other environments where nursing is practiced including private practice.  Bonney Schaub is a co-author of the ANA book and is involved with her colleagues in updating for the 2nd Edition.  It is available through the following link:

Bonney is one of the pioneers in nurse coaching. She has participated in the formation of the credentialing process and exam that the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation (AHNCC) created.  This was an important step in recognizing Nurse Coach excellence through the creation of Nurse Coach Board Certification (NC-BC). 

AHNCC has all the information on its Nurse Coach board certification requirements and its application and exam process. Go to the link below for full details.



You can apply your approved training to:

  • Nurse Coach board certification (NC-BC)
  • Health and Wellness Nurse Coach board certification (HWNC-BC)
  • Board Certified holistic nurses who meet all the Nurse Coach requirements are designated as Health and Wellness Nurse Coaches.
  • Holistic Nurse board certification (HN-BC)
  • Continuing education credits toward recertification of all the above certifications
  • Continuing education credits towards ANCC recertifications in clinical areas where this study is applicable, e.g Occupational Health Nursing, Mental Health/ psychiatric Nursing and many other clinical areas.

Your path to becoming a board certified Nurse Coach and a Transpersonal Nurse Coach

We have created a course of study that offers flexibility to our students. You have the option of taking all the courses in sequence and completing your requirements for Nurse Coach certification and receiving a certificate in Transpersonal Nurse Coaching™ or you can take these classes at your own pace. We recommend that the CMI class be taken first.

Clinical Meditation and Imagery (CMI)
50 CNE credits and 24 sessions of supervision of Nurse Coaching*

Basics of Nurse Coaching: Scope, Competencies, Preparation for Board Certification*
10 CNE credits and 3 sessions of supervision of Nurse Coaching

With completion of Clinical Meditation and Imagery and Basics of Nurse Coaching: Scope, Competencies, Preparation for Board Certification you will have the required 60 CNEs to apply for taking the Nurse Coach exam.

If you wish to specialize and receive a certificate in Transpersonal Nurse Coaching™ you take CMI and Transpersonal Development : Cultivating Peace, Wisdom, Purpose and Oneness

Transpersonal Development : Cultivating Peace, Wisdom, Purpose and Oneness*
22.5 CNE credits and 12 sessions of supervision of Nurse Coaching

In addition to completing your CNE requirements, you will have also completed 39 sessions of supervised Nurse Coaching.  AHNCC requires that you have conducted a total of 60 sessions of Nurse Coaching.

Our faculty is available for individual or small group supervision at a modest fee of $100 per hour. When a group contracts for supervision, the hourly cost is shared.

Dr. Heidi Taylor and Dr. Lisa Davis available for supervision.

I just wanted to say how much your vision is informing my work – both with individuals, groups, and communities.  All of the women acknowledged the transformative effect that the reflective practices had on their experience. C.B. MSN, FNP community health nurse

What is Transpersonal Nurse Coaching™ (TNC)?

Bonney and Richard’s transpersonal work opened me to a whole new approach to healing. It’s become an important learning for my own life…connecting me with a still, centered place that has helped me and my clients. S.R. – NC-BC in private practice in health and wellness consulting.

Basic Principles of Transpersonal Nurse Coaching™

    • TNC is not focused on pathology and diagnosis. It is pro-active, skill-based, health-promoting. It is also educational – guiding patients to awaken their deeper resources in difficult times.
    • These deeper resources are inner peace, guiding inner wisdom, life purpose or oneness.
    • The transpersonally trained nurse has the skills to awaken these deeper resources which already objectively exists in each patient.
    • The awareness, imagery and energy skills that awaken the patient’s resources are safe, effective, time-tested and easy to learn. They require no predetermined belief or mindset and are appropriate for a multi-cultural patient population.
    • When patients have an experience of their deeper resources their mind will naturally want to give the experience a meaning. A transpersonally trained nurse will have learned how to guide their patient toward making their own meaning out of their experiences.

I learned new ways to practice that had deep meaning and profound effects for me personally and professionally.



Transpersonal nurse coaching centers on our innate spiritual identity and the spiritual energy which pervades everything surrounding us. This focus enables us to cut through the transient socio-cultural-psychological “noise” bombarding us and to direct our awareness to what is truly essential and lasting. A transpersonal approach is liberating and life-changing, for coach and client alike. R.E. BC-NC, private practice

The course was enlightening and engaging. It taught useful techniques that I can immediately apply to my patient population. R. M.