Transpersonal Nurse Coaching

Become a Nurse Coach with a specialty in Transpersonal Nurse Coaching™

Transpersonal Nurse Coaching

Join us on an exciting path toward new opportunities for nurses. Study with like-minded colleagues who want to enrich their practice and deepen their skills for patient care and self care.

We offer you approved continuing education training in Transpersonal Nurse Coaching™ (TNC). This includes a pathway to Nurse Coach Board Certification. lt also offers you credits that are applicable toward becoming Board Certified in Holistic Nursing.

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 Introductory Course:

Scope & Competencies of The Art & Science of Nurse Coaching

Transpersonal Nurse Coaching speaks to the ethics of nurse coaching. It recognizes the value of all life experiences as opportunities for new learning and deeper meaning. This 10-credit* course includes the essentials of nurse coaching:

Creating a relationship of trust with your patient or client

Connecting with inner wisdom

Cultivating awareness, presence and self-knowing

Assessing readiness to change

Establishing patient/client-centered goals

Effective communication skills

Transpersonal Nurse Coaches specialize In…

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Reducing Client Stress

Comfort your patients by identifying and allieviating their fears.

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Inspiring Patients

Deepen your client’s sense of well-being, courage, and hope.

Teaching Self-Awareness

Help your clients connect with their inner resources of wisdom and guidance.

Who benefits from Transpersonal Nurse Coaching?

Your work as a TNC can be applied to all clinical settings and in nurse coach private practice. It speaks to the deep emotional and spiritual challenges that individuals, communities and families experience when suffering with illness and other life challenges. TNC trained nurses can bring valuable knowledge to every clinical care team.

Our graduates work in…

• Cancer care

• Geriatrics

• Chronic illness such as diabetes

• Substance misuse and recovery

• Palliative care and end of life

• Cardiac care

• Women’s health

• Community settings including schools, universities and parishes.

Bring Clinical Meditation and Imagery Into Your Work

  • TNC is not focused on pathology and diagnosis. It is pro-active, skill-based, health-promoting. It is also educational – guiding patients to awaken their deeper resources in difficult times.
  • These deeper resources are inner peace, guiding inner wisdom, life purpose and oneness.
  • The transpersonally trained nurse has the skills to awaken these deeper resources which objectively exist in each patient.
  • The awareness, imagery and energy skills are safe, effective, time-tested and easy to learn. They require no predetermined belief or mindset and are appropriate for a multi-cultural patient population.
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Education Through Self-Reflection

The beauty of studying and specializing in TNC is that you can only become better at it by directly exploring your own transpersonal nature more often. In doing so, you bring a deeper presence and knowing to the people you are helping as well as enriching yourself. It is an approach that can be creatively adapted and integrated into all areas of nursing practice.

Further Training

If you want to become board certified in Nurse Coaching, our Clinical Meditation and Imagery™ (CMI) course provides 50 CEU credits. The American Holistic Nursing Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC) accepts your 50 CMI credits as applicable towards applying for Nurse Coach board certification. AHNCC also accepts these credits toward Holistic Nursing certification. CMI is a course that is offered through the Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center (HMIC) and provides in depth transpersonal training. (Click here for information regarding nurse coach board certification.)

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“I often have difficulty preparing for certification exams when just using textbooks & other written source material. This online course enriched the material helping me retain the information because it is fleshed out with exploration and examples of concepts. I would recommend this course to others who want a more enlivened approach to learning. Very helpful prep for the NC-BC exam.

J.R. - Certified Oncology RN, Transpersonal Nurse Coach, Spiritual Director


Bonney Gulino Schaub

Bonney Gulino Schaub


Bonney has an M.S. from Adelphi University as a clinical specialist in adult psychiatric/ mental health nursing and she is a board certified Nurse Coach. Her current focus is the training of nurses and nurse coaches in the Transpersonal Nurse Coaching™ specialty. This includes its application for personal well-being and its application in all areas of nursing practice. Bonney is also in private practice in psychotherapy, Transpersonal Nurse Coaching and supervision.

Heidi Taylor

Heidi Taylor


Heidi has over 30 years of nursing experience in healthcare, nursing education, and academic administration. She earned a PhD in Nursing from Texas Woman’s University and is board certified in nurse coaching and holistic nursing. She provides nurse coaching and educational consultation in private practice.  

Lisa Davis

Lisa Davis

PhD, R.N., NC-BC

Lisa is a retired Professor of Nursing, West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX and board certified as a Nurse Coach. She has been teaching undergraduate and graduate nursing for 20 years and a practicing nurse for over 30 years. She is keen on instilling the importance of whole person wellness and also fostering the development of healthcare providers with regard to holistic approaches to practice.

All of our faculty have private practices in Nurse Coaching as well as providing mentoring and supervision. To contact any of our faculty, please fill out our contact form.

“Transpersonal coaching, connecting with another beyond the personality, is the essence of holistic care…The Schaubs are gifted teachers, storytellers and scholars. They include the fields of neuroscience, psychology, spirituality and the arts in what they teach.

M.H. - BC-NC, private practice