Transpersonal Nurse Coaching

Join us on an exciting path toward new opportunities for nurses. Study with like-minded colleagues who want to enrich their practice and deepen their skills for patient care and self care.


Become a Nurse Coach with a specialty in Transpersonal Nurse Coaching™

We offer approved continuing education training in Transpersonal Nurse Coaching™(TNC). This includes a pathway to Nurse Coach board certification. lt also offers you credits that are a pathway to becoming Board Certified in Holistic Nursing.

In becoming a specialist in TNC, you will gain deep clinical understanding and skills to reduce patients’ stress and fear and to increase their well-being, courage, hope and inspiration in their healing process. Applied to cancer care, addictions recovery, cardiac care, women’s health, anxiety and fear and many other life challenges, TNC incorporates 40 years of professional research and experience in meditative, imagery and energy practices. It gives a nurse the ability to walk into any clinical setting and affect a positive change in the patients’ physical, mental and emotional status. TNC trained nurses should be part of every clinical team and can also be consultants and private practitioners in the mind-body-spirit skills of TNC.


Your training includes key elements of nurse coaching such as:

  • creating a relationship of trust with your patient/client
  • cultivating awareness, presence and self-knowing
  • connecting with inner wisdom
  • establishing patient/client-centered goals
  • assessing readiness to change
  • effective communication skills including deep listening, motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry and active imagination

TNC also speaks to the ethics of nurse coaching. It recognizes the value of all life experiences as opportunities for new learning and deeper meaning.

The beauty of studying and specializing in TNC is that you can only become better at it by directly exploring your own transpersonal nature more often. In doing so, you bring a deeper presence and knowing to the people you are helping. It is an approach that can be creatively adapted and integrated into all areas of nursing practice.

For me, this transpersonal work is like coming home, a constant, a place of sustenance, a place of acceptance, a place to allow what is to be. It allows a hearth (and heart) space. L. D. RN, PhD, NC-BC


Transpersonal coaching, connecting with another beyond the personality, is the essence of holistic care…The Schaubs are gifted teachers, storytellers and scholars. They include the fields of neuroscience, psychology, spirituality and the arts in what they teach. M. H. RN, NC-BC